Managed Cloud

As an experienced, managed multi-cloud provider, TMG, Inc. offers an array of managed, cloud-based, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions. We have the knowledge and expertise to help your organization maximize the benefits of a flexible, elastic cloud or hybrid environment, without compromising on security, visibility, reliability or functionality.

Cloud Professional Services

TMG, Inc. Cloud Professional Service offerings are designed to maximize your ability to truly take advantage of the cloud. Our highly certified experts will work with you to assess your cloud needs and application estate, develop a migration roadmap, and optimize operational costs with recommendations to get there. As a result, your enterprise will benefit from our expertise, save time, money, and IT resources, while reducing project risk and downtime.

Cloud Planning and Assessments

Proper discovery, planning and cost projections are key to a successful cloud migration. The TMG, Inc. Cloud Assessment service covers all the key up-front planning activities to make sure your migration is a success.
Actionable deliverables from a cloud assessment include:
• Discovered inventory of the current state of IT infrastructure
• Application platform placement recommendations, technical cloud design and recommendations on operations model
• ROI analysis report to provide a foundation of a complete migration to cloud business case
• Move group roadmap and summary plan for migration

Cloud Assessment Benefits:
• Know the migration, infrastructure and operations costs and optimize them before you start your migration
• Comprehensive application analysis to select the optimal cloud platform for your applications
• Meet project deadlines and ensure a successful migration by performing a thorough discovery and formulating a roadmap

Managed Cloud Migration

Migrate to the cloud faster and with better results while freeing-up internal IT resources. Proven experts will oversee your complete migration to our VMware-based clouds or Microsoft Azure and ensure the platform is optimized to meet your business use cases.

TMG, Inc.’s cloud migration methodology takes advantage of an array of tools and best practices to ensure a successful migration with minimized risk.

Following your cloud migration, TMG, Inc. will work with you to ensure your applications are properly configured and there is a smooth transition from migration to operational service assurance.
• Accelerate your cloud adoption and realize the benefits of cloud sooner
• Minimize project risk when you rely on TMG, Inc. expertise and experience
• Achieve flexibility across a range of cloud platform options including private cloud, public cloud, hybrid, PaaS and SaaS
• Meet compliance and enhance security
• Full end-to-end coverage from migration to our managed services

DRaaS Professional Services

Disaster recovery is a critical consideration in any IT strategy. TMG, Inc. offers Professional Services to help design an application centric approach to DR. Whether your DR strategy leverages TMG, Inc.’s self-service Zerto, Microsoft ASR or VMware vCloud Availability, TMG, Inc. can provide services to get you started quickly and effectively.

TMG, Inc. architects and engineers work with your team to ensure that your self-service DRaaS environment is architected properly from the beginning and can work with you to implement services to make sure your business objectives are met.
• Optimize the deployment of DRaaS to make the most of your IT spend
• Testing and validation to provide peace of mind that business objectives for DR will be met
• Knowledge transfer with your staff that facilitates a smooth handover to self-service
• Reduced project risk with TMG, Inc. expertise and experience in DRaaS

Managed tmgCloud

Over the past several years, TMG, Inc.’s experts have optimized our Managed tmgCloud platform to offer the complete functionality of VMware’s powerful hypervisor via a streamlined client portal. The platform supports maximum compatibility with our array of enterprise-grade, managed services.

Managed tmgCloud clients receive dependable cloud servers, storage, networks, bandwidth and more with 24/7/365 TMG, Inc. monitoring and management—without sacrificing visibility, security or functionality. TMG, Inc.’s experts handle many of the critical, but time-consuming, tactical aspects of maintaining cloud infrastructure, allowing your core IT teams to focus on strategic initiatives and business innovation.

Key Managed tmgCloud Benefits
Unleash your internal IT teams to focus on strategic goals.
Trust routine management and maintenance to TMG, Inc.’s experts.
Maximize application configurations with flexible network architectures.
Decrease capital expense (CapEx) via a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Enabling Complex Workflows
Considering Managed tmgCloud is provisioned into one of our partner’s enterprise-grade data centers in either the US or UK, we can also provide Managed Hosting of physical servers from the same facility in which your tmgCloud resources are located. This configuration can help enable low-latency solutions for even complex workflows.

Employing a Hybrid Cloud Management Approach
You don’t have to choose from 100% Managed Cloud or Self-Service Cloud. For example, clients often use Self-Service Cloud for test/dev, and then transition workloads to Managed Cloud when they’re ready for production.

Similarly, while transitioning all workloads to the cloud is a common goal, in the near-term a hybrid approach is often practical. For example, an organization may opt to keep a difficult-to-transition workload in its legacy data center, while migrating all other workloads.

Managed Data Protection Solutions
Whether your workloads and data are deployed on bare metal, in the cloud or a hybrid environment, add-on TMG, Inc. Managed Data Protection Solutions can protect your digital assets. TMG, Inc.’s experts can manage the critical, but time consuming aspects of data protection, such as diagnosing failures, testing backups, and initiating restores. Working as an extension of your team, our experts, can free your core IT teams from the drudgery of IT maintenance.

Managed Azure®

IT drives corporate innovation. This means IT teams need the flexibility of the cloud, yet often lack the experience to seamlessly migrate and manage their cloud environments.

Key TMG, Inc. Managed Azure Benefits
Free core IT to focus on strategic business goals.
Mitigate capital expense with pay-as-you-go pricing.
Leave tedious, tactical management and maintenance to experts.
Employ flexible network architectures to maximize app performance.
Transform Core IT into an Innovation Engine
Let TMG, Inc. Managed Azure empower your organization to accelerate, plan, migrate and manage its cloud environment. Dependable, TMG, Inc. experts are on-hand to help optimize Azure to align with your strategic objectives and free your IT teams from the monotony of tactical IT chores to focus on driving innovation.

Engage Proven Microsoft Expertise
Maintain close control over your TMG, Inc. Managed Azure environment, and enjoy continuous visibility into usage, performance, etc., as well as easy integration with many other Microsoft-powered solutions.

Empowering Rapid Scalability
TMG, Inc. Managed Azure provides a highly scalable, proven cloud environment based in Microsoft data centers located around the world. Microsoft Azure in uniquely equipped to help empower rapid scaling of cloud native applications and integrates closely with many other Microsoft-powered, enterprise solutions.

Application Services

Secure, resilient operation of enterprise applications is crucial to modern business. Maintaining the integrity of ERP applications and communications resources can be challenging and time-consuming, often restricting IT personnel from focusing on other projects with larger business implications. TMG, Inc. offers application services designed to help simplify, streamline and secure enterprise applications across the organization and for an array of distinct business functions.

Managed Office 365 Productivity Suite

Maintaining high levels of productivity is paramount for modern businesses. End-users must be well-equipped with the tools necessary to accomplish daily tasks and to generate critical deliverables. Data must be accessible and secure at all times, ready to drive strategic decisions and to spur innovation. Working teams must be able to collaborate without impediment.

These requirements are complicated by mobility and a diverse marketplace for endpoint devices. Individuals continue to depend on untethered access to, and device-agnostic delivery of, critical resources. IT teams must support this demanding landscape, and business leaders must plan for the roadblocks that have emerged from the desktop-centric delivery of traditional productivity tools.

TMG, Inc.’s Managed Office 365 Productivity Suite, powered by Microsoft and enhanced with email security partner Proofpoint, combines the benefits of increased mobility, enhanced productivity capabilities, and real-time collaboration that come with Microsoft Office 365 with TMG, Inc.’s rapid, dedicated support, powerful Email Continuity and Threat Protection solutions, and efficient onboarding services to help simplify your move to the Cloud and to seamlessly manage your IT implementation.

24×7 Technical Support

TMG, Inc. provides dedicated 24×7 administrative and end-user technical support from trained experts. Committed, accelerated response times and a direct escalation path to Microsoft help to mitigate the barriers to resolution. TMG, Inc.’s real-time health check monitoring gives your IT teams valuable insight into the performance and integrity of critical application environments.

Onboarding with Migration and Provisioning

TMG, Inc. offers onboarding services with Managed Provisioning and Managed Migration. Our team provides a white glove experience with our managed email data-migration service; TMG, Inc. will manage the migration of your email data from various data sources, including Exchange 2003+, Domino, IMAP, POP3, Groupwize, Gmail and more.

Email Continuity, Hygiene, and Threat Protection

Secure, uninterrupted communications is a vital component to an organization’s daily success. Modern businesses must be able to confide in service partners, trusting that when their Office 365 environment experiences downtime, their workforce can continue to communicate seamlessly without detriment to productivity or compromising security standards. TMG, Inc. and industry-leading email security partner Proofpoint work in concert to deliver solutions for Managed Office 365 which enhance Microsoft’s collaboration suite.

All of TMG, Inc.’s Managed Office 365 service bundles include:

Email Continuity with 30-day Instant Replay
Inbound and Outbound Filtering
Zero-hour Threat Detection
Signature-based Anti-virus
Spam Filtering
Add-on options available for URL Defense, Attachment Defense, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Email Encryption

Managed Microsoft Dynamics
TMG, Inc. provides substantial support options for organizations leveraging the suite of Microsoft Dynamics® solutions to address their business needs. TMG, Inc.’s experienced team of Client Managers can relieve IT teams tasked with administration, maintenance, and management of these critical applications.

TMG, Inc. supports Microsoft Dynamics applications including:

Microsoft Dynamics® AX
Microsoft Dynamics® CRM
Microsoft Dynamics® GP
Microsoft Dynamics® NAV
Microsoft Dynamics® SL

To uphold the integrity of these essential resources, without increased burden on Internal IT, TMG, Inc. executes application updates and enhancements, employs proactive monitoring, and provides full support for end-users; this can ultimately reduce overall application management, maintenance, and support costs while improving application availability to operate at peak levels of performance. Additionally, TMG, Inc. can provide custom Microsoft Dynamics solutions for seamless integration in light of complex, dynamic business needs.

Managed DaaS

For many organizations, DaaS is an attractive alternative to traditional on-site VDI; the hosted infrastructure shifts up-front CapEx to predictable OpEx, transitions responsibility for physical assets to a dedicated and specialized service provider, and establishes business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) options for data center availability. Yet many overlook the persistent need for capable desktop engineers and desktop IT administrators, each tasked with critical components in the management and maintenance of virtualized environments.

The intricacies to desktop virtualization are many and costly. To address this need, TMG, Inc. offers Managed Services for DaaS.

Guidance and Expertise to Enhance IT Teams’ Activities
TMG, Inc.’s Consulting and Implementation Services for DaaS place the intricate and time-consuming tasks into the hands of dedicated, expert professionals. These include:

Design – Golden image and network

Build – Container buildout, User Acceptance Testing and optimization

Migrate – Desktop provisioning and user data and settings transfer

The DaaS platform and its ongoing management services are delivered in a predictable OpEx model, eliminating up-front CapEx for infrastructure components or additional resources required to maintain them.

For many organizations, TMG, Inc.’s managed services for cloud-based desktop virtualization can mean the difference between an efficient standard for workforce enablement or a lengthy cycle of configuration, maintenance and support.

A Powerful Solution for Managing the Key to Desktop Computing
A desktop is only as useful as the applications it houses and the technologies which power it. The foundation to every desktop is the Golden Image – the “template” for configuration. Engineering a reliable, effective desktop image can be challenging and time consuming, with consideration for performance, applications, security, compliance and provisioning.

TMG, Inc. and its dedicated expert service partners can take on critical activities for desktop image creation and maintenance with regularly scheduled management.

An Expert Support Team for End-user and Admin Problem Resolution
With dedicated teams, 24×7 availability, and expert knowledge about DaaS and desktop management, TMG, Inc. and its partners can provide powerful Help Desk Support services which can alleviate the burden on your internal IT teams.

Help Desk Support for DaaS services both end-users and administrators, helping to keep the workforce productive and IT teams focusing on enhancing the desktop standard rather than simply maintaining it.

Tools and Teams for a Powerful virtual desktop ecosystem
TMG, Inc. offers an arsenal of tools and services to enhance the DaaS platform. These tools, working to augment security and digital integrity and to ease the burden on your IT resources, include:

  • Desktop Active Directory (AD) Servers
  • Desktop File Servers
  • Key Management Servers
  • Hypervisor-based Agentless Anti-Virus
  • Web Content Filtering
  • Patch Management